As a personal trainer, I have the pleasure of working with all kinds of people but my focus areas are: First time weight lifters, the Older Populations, and Overweight/Obese Populations


Now, more than Ever, is the time to take Control of your Health and Wellbeing.  Being committed to a Lifestyle of Movement, Yummy Diverse Nutrition, being in Nature, taking Deep Breaths, and Surrounding ourselves with Positive People   is HEALING inside and out!


Exercise has healed me before.  Let's work together to show how it can heal you too!



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Client Testimonials

"Carmen, I want to thank you for giving me hope for a better life.  Thank you very much!"  -Buddy R.

"Thanks to Carmen and her brilliance, support, and expertise, not only am I the Minta I once was but I am so much more."  -Minta F.


"You are an inspiration Carmen. Thanks for all you do."  - Jan H.