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Mandy Self-Sparrow, FAS, CPT, COTA/L

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After years of working in skilled nursing facilities, I decided I wanted to be on the proactive and preventative side of  living life to its fullest!! 
Life is a gift- Let’s enjoy it!

Personal Training

One trainer, one client.  100% attention to focus on YOUR goals.  There can be a mix of cardio, weights, Tai-Chi, stretching.

Why Are We Different

We love our clients! We want our clients to live their absolute best life. That requires having a trainer that understands your needs, wants and ability.  

Semi-Private Training

Grab a friend (or 3) for a custom session to focus on your goals with up to 4 people at a time. 

Ideal Client

Let Me Help You:

¨ Have More Fun

¨ Increase Your Energy

¨ Improve from a Recent Injury/ Illness

¨ Prepare for an Upcoming Surgery or Trip

¨ Show A Milestone Birthday Who’s Boss

Small Group Training

Coaching 4-8 people at a time to maintain proper form and motivation.  Tabata, HIIT, stations and tons of fun! 

Mandy Self-Sparrow, FAS, COTA/L

Call/Text: 704-201-7302   

FB: SparrowFunctionalFitness    IG:Sparrow.Functional.Fitness


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