Charlotte One Basketball

Charlotte One (CLT1) started with just one travel basketball team in 2014.  Though the founders began small, they possessed a comprehensive vision for the future. 

The vision was derived from assessing the landscape of youth travel basketball in the Charlotte metropolitan area. Rico, Damien and Chuck felt they had an opportunity to build a program from the ground up, along with a grass roots mentality.  This equated to doing things differently, but more importantly the right way. 

Their primary mission…the kids. The co-founders were confident that if they assembled a top-quality coaching staff that focused on helping kids develop their game, self-confidence and sense of community, they would have the opportunity to impact the next generation of basketball players. 

CLT1 currently has three levels of teams, National, Regional and Local. It is a belief that providing kid’s enough time to develop, taking a long-term approach vs. “win at all costs” now affords CLT1 the ability to offer alternate levels of competition, along with a complement of coaching available to meet a players needs. 

Today, CLT1 has over 20 teams across both boys and girls divisions, spanning from 3rd grade through High School. The success over the years is attributed to the players, coaches and parents that have subscribed into the vision, which helped established this program as the fastest growing travel basketball program in the Charlotte metropolitan region. 

What is the good news?  Charlotte One is just getting started!  We are presently enhancing national exposure with our National teams and providing multiple touch points with local colleges and universities. The future is bright at CLT1 and the sky’s the limit on where we can go.  We welcome you along, as the memories and experiences are about to begin!