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Group Classes

Class Descriptions

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Getting to know your classes…

Cardio Fight Cardio Fight is an hour workout that burns a ton of Calories and builds Total Body Strength! Challenge your body with a combination of mixed Martial Arts movements done at a fast pace to build your Cardio Fitness. Fight combines cutting-edge moves with thrilling music.

Cycle This huge calorie burner builds a healthy heart, a lean body and great looking legs! Cycle is an indoor riding experience. Roll over hills, chase the pack, spin the flats, climb mountains, and sprint to the finish! Feel the thrill of energetic music and group dynamics as you get all the benefits of authentic interval training.

Fight Your Core Combines 2 classes into 1. The first 30 minutes is an action packed core class using body weight, weight plates, towel, and a platform.
The second half of the class is a 30 minute version of the Cardio Fight class listed above. You have the flexibility to do only the 30 minute core workout or only the 30 minute Cardio Fight workout. But if you’re feeling really energetic go ahead and stay for both classes for an intense 1 hour workout.


Functional Strength This class is designed to engage the whole body to move with proper muscle and joint function for effortless, pain-free movement. In this class, you will & Balance perform exercises on how to be bio-mechanically efficient with everything you do, whether it’s for sports and athletics, general fitness, or daily life activities which is very important for maintaining good health and avoiding injury. Class is designed to increase strength, flexibility, range of motion, mobility, gait, and balance. All fitness levels are welcomed and exercises can be modified.

Video Group Power Using an adjustable barbell, weight plates, and body weight this workout builds your strength. Power combines squats, lunges, presses, and curls with functional integrated exercises.

Yoga Stretching and movement with breath, in a warm room.

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