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Mandy Self-Sparrow, FAS, CPT, COTA/L

Call/Text: 704-201-7302

FB: SparrowFunctionalFitness


Combining purposeful physical strengthening with functional movement for overall improved independence!


Balance, strength, mobility, flexibility, power,

aerobic capacity and cognition.


That is what it takes to be independent.

                                                    That is the focus.

                                                                        Every. Single. Time.

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Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Functional Aging Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer,

Core, Balance, Strength and Conditioning

Pre and post joint replacement

After years in Skilled Nursing Facility rehabilitation, I decided I wanted to be on the proactive and preventative side of enjoying life! I realized there is a greater need for safety awareness and strength which provides confidence and allows you to live life to the fullest. 

Exercise has healed me before.  Let's work together to show how it can heal you too!

My focus:


Small Group Exercise to build strength, conditioning and confidence


One on One training with focus on individualized abilities and goals increasing overall Functional independence and balance

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